Lilacs and Roses

“I didn’t want flowers

lilacs, roses…

What was the point of you giving me flowers if they were eventually going to wilt?

I didn’t want your love

What was the point of telling me you loved me if you were bound to wake up one day and not feel the same way?

Regardless of my rejection,

you still offered me flowers

lilacs, roses…

You told me you’d always love me

However, feelings are fickle

and those feelings you claimed to have for me were gone as quick as they came

It didn’t take long for me to take notice of your cruel game

Chess, you called it?

You didn’t think twice before ripping my heart out

spending your mornings in her bed, spending your evenings out


Now I was stuck with dead flowers, a bloody shirt and an empty chest

It took your feelings the same amount of time to fade as it took these stupid flowers to wilt,

Don’t mourn me now


Just let me rest”

– Muhreahwrites

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