Thank you

“Feelings are fleeting

But the feelings I had for you

were feelings I had to toss aside,

not only due to my pride

But also because they were tormenting feelings I could no longer allow to reside

within me

Your failed victim act left me flabbergasted,

it opened my eyes and helped me realize all the time I had wasted

trying to be good to a man unable to realize the worth of the pearl he had found ashore

A man blinded by his trust issues, past mistakes, resentment; which did nothing but leave him unsure

I thought you were all I could’ve hoped for

You could’ve had it all, the love, the attention

Yet you still ran to another station,

Did she end up being the soul you yearned for?

Or, did she end up on the list of your temporary mistakes?

Oh old friend, is that the Queen you tossed me aside for?

Rest assured, this isn’t bitter me

I genuinely hope she was worth it

and although you may not believe it

I just couldn’t help but write you this thank you letter,


you’ve helped me become a better me.”

— Muhreahwrites

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