God’s Plan

I believe that we all grow up at some point

It’s just that tunnel we all must go through to get in touch with who we really want to be, who we really are

Nevertheless, that phase is often painful

However, they say that we must get through the worst to get the best

And in fact, we lose some, but we win some

we laugh, we cry, but we grow

& I’m not talking about physically either

I never thought someone else’s flower blooming would have so much effect on my life, or the way I portrayed things.

But, it did, and such motivated me to do better in life and to keep on battling and working hard towards becoming the person I really wanted to be, the person I was destined to become.

One thing eventually led to another, I felt a part of me being linked to this one human being. I never thought such thing could even be possible. Could it be the fact that I loved him more than I initially thought I would? Or was my mind or the universe playing a silly trick on me?

It brought an amazing yet scary feeling,

one that had my heart racing and filled my stomach with butterflies. Cliché I know but this was the best way I could describe it. Even thinking about it makes me feel all giddy inside. This followed me everywhere and it was impossible to get rid of. I eventually stuck with it and never tried to change this currents’ route. It led to the most precious rollercoaster ride I’d ever been on, and lord It was one I never ever wanted to get down of.

I prayed and prayed for my Lord to help him, guide him and protect him

To help him find himself and be the man I knew he could potentially be

I asked God for an orange and he filled my life with a whole garden of them

He granted all my wishes, and most importantly, he gave me him, he gave me love

Over the years, I cautiously watched a boy turn into a man

I was mesmerized by the transformation and then realized how great God was

I watched him laugh, I watched him get hurt, I watched him get angry

I never missed the smiles, or the frowns

I saw him down, and I sure as hell never missed how he would always get back up

& with time, it all fell into place

He was a masterpiece in progress but man I couldn’t be prouder of who he turned out to be

I never had a doubt, I guess I always knew it

I knew that one day he’d be one of those people I’d look up to and admire

One of those people I’d always cherish and would never want to let go of

God did well, he always did

And I thank him every chance I get, for that blessing, for him

They say that God created us as his image, that our faith was already written

And man did he put a great deal of time into creating him

What else could I add to it, that he was a very special man? Special wouldn’t cut it

That man you see, besides my God, he was amazing, and could no other man top that

He was just it, he was the missing piece & I thought losing him wasn’t in the books for me

He was the one I wanted and loved

But you see, God puts some people on our paths for a reason

Was I put there to help him heal?

Was he put there to teach me how to love myself, and help me realize who I really was?


Could I love another? Sure

Could I ever hate him? No, he’ll always be a friend I’ll cherish

It hurt to let him go, but sometimes, letting go is the best thing we could ever do.


– Muhreahwrites


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